Affordable heraldic designs

Ever wondered why heraldic drawings have to be so expensive? Stop wondering…

I use digital techniques in designing civic and family arms which is a lot cheaper than painting them.

And much easier to adopt for print or the internet.


Modern designs

I don’t do heraldry based on stuffy nineteenth century examples. As a former graphic designer I have returned to the medieval way of drawing arms: bold, colourful, simple. Funnily enough medieval designs have a lot more in common with modern graphic art and are immensely adaptable to twentyfirst century life. Because I use an extensive digital library of heraldic charges and shapes of my own design, my drawings rarely exeed the 100 euro limit.


Civic arms

I have a wealth of experience in designing and drawing civic arms. Having been heraldic artist for the High Council for the Nobility, which is the Dutch Royal authority for the registering of the civic heraldry of the Netherlands, I have drawn about half of the then existing arms on diplomas, house styles or decorations for historic events. Foreign arms are no strangers to me either. Ask for an estimate if you want your hometown arms drawn, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Family arms

Many people have old-fashioned copies of their family arms, not fit to be shown in public or on the internet. Or they have been designed by obvious amateurs or heraldic bucket shops. Some have badly  worn sealing rings and want to know what the arms on it really look like. Do you want a modern copy of your family coat of arms to be able to use it in a modern and colourful way in a digital format? Look no further for I can help you with that at relatively low cost.

Some explanation

In the banner at the top of the page you see some Dutch and foreign civic arms that I have designed during the last twelve years. 

The family arms I designed during the same period you can see in the banners on the other pages of this website.

This is meant to give you an idea about  what your commission will look like when I design it.

Mail me with your questions and you’ll get an answer within 48 hours.

Why De Raaf (Raven)?

Ravens have always fascinated me. They are tough, intelligent birds who live a long time. During their life they only have one partner. I have often studied them closely when I was in London.


In germanic mythology ravens symbolise memory and remembrance. As a heraldist (and historian) I think this is a good characterisation of my profession which is a very ancient art form and academic occupation. The raven also looks back, which points even more to the historic aspect of it.


I sign my work with an icon based on my family arms.


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I work from home, so there is no shop or studio that can be visited.

Phoning me does not work either; better mail me.

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